The Non-Seller’s Guide to Selling

I’m really not a fan of “selling”.

The word alone places a feeling over me that I can’t explain; a negative emotion I’d rather do without. It could be the fact I’ve only sold items and services that didn’t appeal to me personally, or how annoying it makes me feel to bother someone, but with those things in mind, I still believe the ability to sell a key function all entrepreneurs should know and understand. Recognizing its importance, we’ll learn the role it plays in selling product, sharing a vision, and solidifying an idea, and discover a few tips on selling effectively when selling isn’t naturally your “thing”?

Why is Selling Important?

Selling provides funding for your business to continue. If you aren’t willing to sell your product you’re virtually not willing to be in business for long.

Selling isn’t just about cash for product/service. Selling allows you the opportunity to convince others why your idea and product is worth looking at and investing into. If you aren’t able to convince others your idea is the best, it is but a raisin in the sun.

Selling is also the end process of all the hard work invested in getting your idea or service to market. It solidifies all the late nights and sacrifices made, the opportunity to be purchased proof of your idea turned reality.

How Should Selling Be Approached?

Think Good Thoughts

If you choose to hate selling, you’ll never be good at. Change your attitude and it give it a solid effort.

Selling Actual Helps

As I stated above, I feel like a pest whenever I cold call or solicit someone with an offer. Making the decision to never sell someone something they don’t need, and viewing selling as a way to provide someone something they actually want/didn’t know they need will improve your outlook on what the art of selling is and can be.

It’s a Conversation

For many the reason for starting a business is to work with/around the people and things that interest them on their terms. If you approach selling as a conversation between two like minded people, you’ll soon learn that selling isn’t always about the product, but the connection felt with someone about the pro

For more information on selling for non-sellers check out this article by Geoffrey James for Inc.

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