The Key to Multitasking Effectively

As an entrepreneur, you’ll be required to wear many hats and perform a million different tasks on the road to establishing your venture. Having the ability to handle what’s asked of you, while others are being added are key to your success, and making efficient use of the little time we are all allotted. Today we’ll discuss the importance of multitasking and tips for improving the skill.

Many argue that multitasking isn’t really productive since the brain has to stop completion of on one task to work on another, which typically results in mistakes that end up costing you more time in the long run. Although it has it has its merit, multitasking effectively isn’t about doing multiple things at once, but more about planning out your day, coupling tasks that work together and checking those tasks off in the minimum amount of time possible. The ability to effectively multitask is important for everyone, but entrepreneurs in particular because so much of our success personally and professionally depends on what we’re able to accomplish in the time allowed. Neither side of our lives slows can be scaled back or postponed. Author Anne Bachrach shares a few tips from her article “Tips for Effective Multitasking for Entrepreneurs” below:

Group like tasks together

Attempting to cook dinner while reading an assignment is not effective multitasking. One of the two tasks will suffer as a result of the other. Cooking dinner while throwing in a load of laundry is in fact effective. Once the load is in the washer, no more thought or effort is required, leaving full attention to dinner.

Create a to-do list

Once a system is created, the difficulty surrounding multitasking will be minimized, and the time you’re left for another task will be maximized. A to-do list is vital in establishing this system. Anne states that, “creating a to-do list will help you to see the big picture of the day’s duties, helping keep you on track throughout the day, with the goal for the To-Do List to help you prioritize the “must do” tasks and complete them before your set deadline.

Defined goals with the end result

Defining your goals after deciding what must be done will help keep you motivated to stay on track

Budgeted time/schedule

Allow each task on your to-do list a specific amount of time to be completed to hold yourself accountable and prevent procrastination. Working in smaller blocks of time maximizes focus and efficiency. Completing 3 client calls in 30 minutes is easier too navigate and focus on than completing those same 3 calls in 2 hours.

Remove distractions

Distractions will hinder any plan if allowed to, so be aware of what can distract you and remove those from your workspace. If you’re prone to checking your cell phone every so often, try muting your ringer, or turning the phone off until your task is complete.

Effectively multitasking will not only improve your efficiency and work output, but will decrease the stress having a million things to do can cause. Remember to group like tasks together, place them on a to-do list, and applying a proper time for completion of each, and you’ll be on your way to a successful venture and life in no time.

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